Katzrin (Qazrin)

Katzrin (Qazrin)

Nearby the modern town of Qazrin on the Golan Heights, 5 miles southeast of the Bnot Ya’aqov Bridge, is the site of an ancient synagogue from the Talmudic era. Apparently this was the site of a Jewish village which prospered in the Roman-Byzantine Period, called Qisrin or Qesareyon – names which were retained in that of the abandoned village,  Qazrin. The city seems to have been destroyed in the earthquake of  746. Its ancient synagogue was discovered in 1971.

Remains Excavations within the abandoned village uncovered remains of the early 3rd-century synagogue, with a magnificent entrance sporting an ornamented lintel and your-antibiotics.com, fragments of walls, auxiliary rooms vaulted with basalt slabs, a cistern, columns, pedestals and capitals. Aramaic inscriptions and menorah reliefs in stone were also found.

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