St. George’s Monastery


View of the Monastery


St. George’s Monastery -upper parking


View to the south-east

St. George’ s Monastery (Deir Mar Jiryes)

Greek Orthodox monastery in the Judean Desert, built on the mountain side of Wadi Qilt ravine, 5 km. west of Jericho.

Believed to stand on site of 4th century synagogue founded by John of Coziba and extended and enlarged in the days of Georgius of Coziba at the end of 6th and beginning of the 7th centuries Rebuilt by Crusaders following Persian destruction. Constructed on three levels: upper – church and cave (Elijah’s cave, according to Christian tradition); middle – main building and 3 churches named after John and Georgius of Coziba and the Virgin Mary. The lower level contains arched storerooms and monks’ tombs.

East of the monastery on the mountain slope are cave niches to which the monks retreat during the week, returning to the monastery for prayers on Saturday night and Sunday.
The chapel contains numerous icons and frescoes.

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