Caesarea Bosnian mosque

Bosnian Mosque

Caesarea Byzantine Gate

Crusader arch


(Acts 8 : 40)

This quintessential, ancient Mediterranean port is now an archaeological site and resort center.

Though small during the Crusader Period, it is from this era that most of the ruins date. Site of ancient Sidonite city, Straton’s Tower. Conquered in 90 BCE by Alexander Yannai and annexed to his kingdom. In 63 BCE, Pompey excluded the city from Judea and gave it autonomy. The Emperor Augustus gave the city as a present to Herod who proceeded to build a large and fortified city called Caesarea in honor of Emperor Augustus.

To distinguish it from Caesarea Philippi (Banyas) the city was sometimes called Caesarea Maritima (Caesarea-near-the-sea) or Augusta. Jewish sources called it Qesari, Qesarin or Qesariyon.

During the Roman Period it was the largest city in the country, seat of the Roman Procurator of Judea and headquarters of the Roman occupation army. It had a mixed population, Jews and gentiles (chiefly Greeks and Syrians) and often there were disputes between them. One of the clashes between the two communities that took place in the synagogue in 66 CE, sparked the Jewish Revolt against …….

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