Our Authors

Many academics have contributed their wisdom and knowledge to help Carta produce the best books and atlases, mainly on Biblical History & Geography. These scholars listed below, many of whom are world-renowned and highly celebrated in their own fields, have come from near and far to seek Carta’s assistance and expertise in mapping, illustrating and producing their works in book form for the benefit of students, scholars and laymen alike.  

Our Author List (A-Z)

    • Aharoni, Yohanan
    • Ahituv, Shmuel
    • Alon, Azaria
    • Avi-Yonah, Michael
    • Bahat, Dan
    • Beinart , Haim
    • Ben-Dov, Meir
    • Bruce, F.F.
    • Campbell O.F.M., Fr. John Kenneth
    • Chapman III, Rupert L.
    • Cogan, Mordechai
    • DellaPergola, Sergio
    • Dudman, Helga
    • Eshel, Hanan
    • Feingold, Ellen
    • Frankl, Walter
    • Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.
    • Friesel, Evyatar
    • Gellis, Rabbi Abraham Israel
    • Har-El, Menashe
    • Josephus
    • Kark, Ruth
    • Karni, Shlomo
    • Klein, Ernest
    • La cocque, André
    • Littell, Franklin H.
    • Munro-Hay, Stuart C.
    • Need, Steven W., Rev.
    • Notley, R. Steven
    • Ostermann, Michael
    • Petrovitch, Douglas N.   
    • Rainey, Anson F.
    • Ritmeyer, Kathleen
    • Ritmeyer, Leen
    • Safrai, Shmuel
    • Safrai, Zeev
    • Sarel, Baruch
    • Steinsaltz, Adin Even-Israel, Rabbi
    • Stern, Ephraim
    • Tamir, Ami
    • Taylor, Joan E.
    • Wachsmann, Shelley
    • Wright, Paul H.
    • Yardeni, Ada


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