Carta Scientific Council





Ephraim Stern 

Ada Yardeni 

R. Steven Notley

Shmuel Ahituv

Dan Bahat
Paul H. Wright

Mordechai Cogan

All members of Carta’s Scientific Council have something in common. Each has had published by Carta at least one scholarly first that has yet to be equaled.

From the vantage of their superior knowledge these prominent scholars graciously share their experience and wisdom needed to maintain and enhance Carta’s high standards in its chosen fields.

Continuing research and solid scholarship renail the reliable anchors of academic publishing in this turbulent electronic age. Carta is fortunate for having such outstanding scholars as friends and counsel.

IN MEMORIAM Anson F. Rainey (1930–2011)

 The Challenges:

Whilst playing havoc with traditional print publishing there is also a bright side. To name just one, electronic referencing. Carta is actively transposing its valuable content to the modern media yet keeping print alive for all those who still prefer this tradition and also for such titles as can be better buy flagyl er online this admittedly shrinking medium.

  • Finding and encouraging new talent;
  • Keeping publications current and innovative;
  • Rendering advice on the best ways to promote biblical research and scholarship, Holy Land studies and history, and keeping up with new developments.