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Thank you for visiting our website; see our mission, our expertise and, our product. You might have an idea, the beginnings of a book, or a complete manuscript. Carta’s doors are wide open to authors, be they well known, veterans or first timers, in fact anyone who can provide fresh insights, has done serious research or can contribute original thinking on Bible-related topics.

If this applies to you, we shall be pleased to peruse your manuscript with a view to publication – print and/or electronic if, in our view, it is commercially viable. A summary, complete Table of Contents and sample chapter are acceptable.

With the world’s largest map collection, Carta is uniquely qualified to illustrate most any subject that lends itself to geographical interpretation. Placing an event in its proper setting on the globe makes for better understanding. Our unrivaled collection of maps, plans, drawings, reconstructions, replicated artifacts and photographs help us highlight any text that can be enhanced by graphics. Illustrating biblical events is our forte. Indeed, for many years now, we have been providing these services to fellow publishers.

  • Please note:
    Some worthy academic titles are eminently publishable; the readership, however, whilst of the highest order, is limited. Such titles will have to be supported by an adequate stipend from an academic institution or donor.
  • If you submit anything other than by email always retain a copy. Mss. will NOT be returned.

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