A Fount of Wisdom Book

Parables of the Sages: Jewish Wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi by R. Steven Notley and Ze’ev Safrai is filled with hundreds of annotated parables, providing an endless fount of wisdom for all those interested in the earliest stratum of Rabbinic Judaism – the literature of the Tannaim. These parables are presented in the original Hebrew with a new English translation by Prof. Notley, one of today’s foremost authorities on the roots and early days of Christianity. When relevant, the authors’ notes consider the parable’s relevant contribution to our understanding of the parables of Jesus.





  • Mishnah
  • Tosefta
  • Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael
  • Mekhilta of Rabbi Simeon Bar Yohai
  • Sifra
  • Sifre on Numbers
  • Sifre on Deuteronomy
  • Midrash Tannaim on Deuteronomy
  • Tanna debe Eliyahu
  • Avot of Rabbi Nathan
  • Tractate Semahot
  • Semahot of Rabbi Hiyya

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