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Carmelite Monastery

Carmelite Monastery

Carmelite Monastery – Domed ceiling


Israel's third largest city, its main port, and large industrial and commercial center. Situated along the shore of Haifa Bay;  at the foot of Mount Carmel.

Major museums: National Maritime Museum, Naval and Illegal Immigration Museum and Japanese Art Pavilion.

Holy Sites: Elijah's  Cave, the Bahai Temple and the Carmelite Monastery of  Stella Maris — star of the sea — marking the spot where the prophet Elisha is purported to have sat and meditated. The grotto is lavishly decorated.

History: During the Second Temple Period two Jewish communities inhabited the area of the present-day city:  Shiqmona, identified with Tell es Samak (fisherman's tel) at the southern entrance to the city, and the other on the eastern side of Haifa. The 2 communities continued to exist during the Roman Period and ………

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