Mount of Beatitudes (Har HaOsher)

Har Haosher church of Beatitudes

Church of Beatitudes

Har Haosher church of Beatitudes ---- Modern octagonal church

Frontal view of the Church of Beatitudes

Mount of Beatitudes (Har HaOsher)

Mountain northwest of  the Sea of Galilee near Capernaum (Kefar Nahum). It’s height is 125 meters (410 feet) above the lake and 70 meters (230 feet) below Mediterranean sea level.

Here, according to Christian tradition, Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount. The opening words of the sermon were “Blessed are”, hence the name of the mountain. Also called Har Nahum. In the 4th century a monastery and church were built at the foot of the mountain, but they were destroyed by Moslems in the 7th century.

The modern octagonal church on the summit was built in 1937. A hostel and Italian convent are also located here.


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