Minnim (Khirbet Minya)

Remains of an ancient palace on the shore of Lake Kinneret between Ginnosar and Tabgha. Built by the 8th-century Umayyad Caliph el-Walid, but not completed. It was probably destroyed by an earthquake.

Umayyad fortress: Architectural and decorative detail indicates Greek Christians may have been employed  as artisans. Like all provincial Umayyad fortresses, it has an austere exterior which masks a magnificent interior.  Some walls and towers rise to 33 feet. This is one of the best examples in the country of early Moslem architecture.

Finds from the site include a mosaic floor and remains of a bathhouse from the 8th century;  also remnants of a fortified palace from the Roman and Byzantine Periods.

Nearby are remains  of a ruined caravanserai, Hanot Minnim (Arabic: Khan Minya or Khirbet el-Khan). Lake Kinneret is known as Bahr el Minya by the Arabs, after the name of this site.

The khan (caravanserai) is mentioned in  the writings of the 17th-century Karaite, Samuel ben David.

Ruins of the khan were covered  over when a pumping station (Eshed Kinnarot) was built here.

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