Ulam (Aulam) Ruins of abandoned village in Galilee. Built on the ruins of an ancient settlement, perhaps the Ulam mentioned in the Talmud and Onomasticon of Eusebius. Finds: Building foundations and stones from the Roman Period;  part of an ancient olive oil press was found nearby. The […]

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Umm Khalid

Umm Khalid Remains of Roger the Lombard’s Crusader fortress built on a more ancient site, now situated within the city limits of Netanya. Finds include a mosaic floor, remains of an olive oil press, defensive walls, column fragments, 2 cisterns and a large collection of flint implements. […]

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Usha Village in Zebulon Valley whose modern name derives from the ancient city of Usha. Ancient Usha: 3 km. (1.8 miles)  from the modern village on the site of an abandoned village are ruins of a fortified city from Roman and Byzantine Periods. It was the seat […]

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