Cana (Kafr Kanna)

Cana (Kafr Kanna) (John 2:1-11) Arab village in Galilee 6 km. northeast of  Nazareth, where Jesus performed his first miracle. Site of ancient city of Galilean Kanna, mentioned in 20th-century BCE Egyptian Execration Texts, Tell el ‘Amarna letters and in Tiglath-pileser III’s city lists. It also was […]

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Kursi (Mark 5:11) Abandoned village with remnants of a Byzantine monastery on eastern shore of Lake Kinneret. It is believed to be the site of the ancient town of Kursi where a pagan temple stood, according to the Talmud. Christian tradition associates this site with Jesus’ miracle […]

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Katzrin (Qazrin)

Katzrin (Qazrin) Nearby the modern town of Qazrin on the Golan Heights, 5 miles southeast of the Bnot Ya’aqov Bridge, is the site of an ancient synagogue from the Talmudic era. Apparently this was the site of a Jewish village which prospered in the Roman-Byzantine Period, called […]

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Kiriath-jearim (Joshua 9:17) Also called Kiriath-baal.  (Joshua 15:60) The translation of the Hebrew Kiriath-jearim is “town of forests.” Important and mentioned many times in the Bible particularly in descriptions of the delineating of the borders and allotments of the Tribes  of Israel: “And the children of Israel […]

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