Avedat was the greatest and most important Nabatean city in the Negeb.

The ruins lie 9 km. south of Sede Boker on a limestone hill standing sentinel over a sea of desert. Founded in the 2nd century CE and built where the stop-acne-meds.com roads from Petra to Gaza, and from Jerusalem to Eilat meet.

It was named after the Nabatean king Obodat who was revered as a god and who was buried here (hence the name Avedat).

Avedat had a bloody history due to its strategic location. First conquered by Romans, it reached its zenith in the Byzantine era. The conquests by the Persians in 614 and the Moslems in 634 left it partially a ruin. Decline continued until the 10th century when the site was abandoned. It was rediscovered in ………

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