Bet Guvrin (Betogabris)

 Bet Guvrin
(Beit Jibrin, Betogabris, Beth Gabra – an Aramaic name meaning “the house of the strong men”)

Ruins of an ancient city and limestone caves were found near the kibbutz of this name, 14 km. east of  Qiryat Gat. The kibbutz was named after the Jewish city that existed during the Second Temple Period.

Ancient Bet Guvrin east of the kibbutz, across the road, are ruins of an abandoned village, Beit Jibrin, the site of the important ancient city of Betogabris, located on the junction of roads from the Judean Foothills to Hebron and Jerusalem. During the Roman Period it was given the status of  “city of  freemen” and named Eleutheropolis. A large Jewish community existed during the Roman and Byzantine Periods and famous Tannaim and Amoraim resided here.

It was the seat of a bishop during the Byzantine Period. Crusaders fortified the city and ………

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