Bet Shearim

Bet Shearim

Remains of an ancient Jewish city on the border of the Jezreel Valley and Lower Galilee. The site is famous for its catacombs filled with sarcophagi. It has the most extensive Jewish remains outside of Jerusalem.

Known during the Second Temple Period but became famous during the Roman and Byzantine Periods, after the Bar Kokhba Revolt, when the center of Jewish habitation moved from Judea to Galilee.

The Sanhedrin was located  here for a while and Rabbi Judah HaNasi and other sages resided here. Due to ill health Rabbi Judah was obliged to move to Zippori in his last years. However, he was buried in Bet Shearim. From that time the city became a major burial site for local and Diaspora Jews. It was totally destroyed by……….

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