Dor (Castellum Merle)

Dor harbor

View of Dor Harbor

Dor (Castellum Merle)

(Joshua 12:23)

“The king of Dor in the heights of Dor, one; the king of the people of Gilgal, one;”
On the shore of Mediterranean Sea, south of Mount Carmel, this area was where the Tjeker League of the Sea Peoples settled.

There are plentiful remains from many periods. It was named after the ancient royal city of the Canaanites.

Ancient Dor (Dora) has remains of the ancient port city Dor or Dora. Archaeological finds indicate Early Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Hellenistic to Arab Period occupation. Joshua defeated the king of Dor but failed to occupy the city. It was later conquered by King David and was the residence of one of King Solomon’s governors. It became the capital of the Assyrian coastal province and……..


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