Old City Acre


Old City – Clock Tower


Old City Wall


Old City – White Mosque

Old City Acre

 Sites in Old Acre:

Crypt of St. John: 12th century underground hall west of the Great Mosque. Believed to be either reception hall of Crusader Order of Knights of St. John, or burial site of notable Crusaders.

City walls: Remains of walls renovated during the reign of Pasha Ahmad el Jazzar; still preserved today. Remains of 19th century cannons visible on southern wall.

Fortress: Built in western part of the city, near seashore, during reign of Ahmad el Jazzar at end of 18th century; served as his headquarters and administrative center. During British Mandate Period served as central prison and place of execution where Jewish underground Haganah, Etzel and Lehi fighters were imprisoned and executed. In 1947 Irgun forces broke into the prison and freed many inmates. (Dramatized in, Otto Preminger film “Exodus”.)

Great Mosque: Turkish-style mosque at the entrance to the old city, built at the behest of Ahmad el Jazzar; it was completed in 1781. The mosque is the best example of Ottoman religious architecture in Holy Land. It treasures a box with a few hairs which, according to Moslem tradition, are from the beard of the prophet Muhammad.

Crusader port ruins: southwest of city. Remains of breakwater and lighthouse.


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