The  Arab village Tayiba in the Samarian Hills, 6 miles northeast of Ramallah,  is believed to be the site of ancient Ophrah, a city in the  Benjamin tribal allotment:

“And raiders came out of the camp of the Philistines in three companies: one company  turned unto the way that leads to Ophrah,  unto the land of  Shual:” (I Samuel 13:17).

According to Christian tradition, Jesus visited here. There are a number of churches and Christian schools in the village.

Remains of a Crusader church, built on the ruins of a Byzantine church, and called el  Khadr,  a nickname for the prophet Elijah and St. George. On the village slopes are ruins of a 12th-century Crusader castle,  Baubariya, built on a 5th-century Byzantine structure.

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