Dan Bahat

When you say Dan Bahat you say Jerusalem. His intensive and wide-ranging studies of Jerusalem from the earliest days up to, and including, the Ottoman Period are unrivaled. For all practical purposes The Carta Jerusalem Atlas, recently translated into Italian and published in the prestigious Biblia e Terra Santa Series by Edizione Messagero Padova, is the only comprehensive scholarly atlas on this fascinating city.

Having gained much experience in other excavations such as Tel Dan and Beth-shean, Bahat decided to focus on Jerusalem. His thirst for knowledge and capacity to absorb detail are legendary. Aided by his thorough grounding in archaeology and having mastered many languages, Bahat is eminently equipped to study in their original language the works of the great explorers and scholars who preceded him in the research of the many different and distinct periods in the history of the Holy City.

With teaching posts in Israel and Canada Bahat is also a . Whenever a president or prelate needs to be guided through the intricacies of Jerusalem it is Dan Bahat's name that comes up first.

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