R. Steven Notley

Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, R. Steven Notley is one of today's select and prominent New Testament scholars. He earned his PhD at the venerable Hebrew University of Jerusalem where, with renowned scholar David Flusser, he co-authored two titles on the life of Jesus.

A devout Christian and dedicated family man, Steven divides his working time between teaching and writing. When teaching, he does not restrict himself to the confines of the classroom but shepherds students and teachers alike through the Lands of the Bible and the fascinating and rich world of early Christianity. These are the main fields he has lovingly mastered. Steven generously shares his wide knowledge and often fascinating and innovative insights with a multitude of peers and pupils.

Having lived, taught and studied in the heartland – Israel – for 16 years, there are few who can match his grasp of biblical geography and history. His extensive travels north and south, east and west in Egypt, the Southern Levant, Greece and Rome, and his dedicated scholarship and steady focus on the origins of Christianity have posited him at the cutting edge of New Testament research and scholarship.

In his writing Steven has spanned eras from Alexander to Eusebius and has never neglected the Old Testament, but his heart has always been in the study of the Jewish origins of Christianity. A prominent member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Reasearch, his latest contribution has been the translation from Hebrew and joint commentary with Ze'ev Safrai of Parables of the Sages, the first ever complete annotated collection in English.

Steven's eagerly awaited The Good Soil – Carta's Atlas of The New Testament will be published in 2013. It will be one more scholarly first both in subject and presentation by one of the world's foremost experts on this fulcrum of theological thought and interpretation.

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