Shmuel Ahituv

Israel-Prize-AhituvShmuel Ahituv is a true Renaissance man. Versed in many fields and a man of many talents, Bible interpretation and commentary, Hebrew paleography and epigraphy, ancient Egypt and a host of other subjects, Shmuel moves from one subject to the other with intimate knowledge, grace and ease. Shmuel has lectured on all these subjects mainly but not only at Ben-Gurion University. He has written a number of books. He has also extended invaluable advice to a number of authors who profited from his keen eye and deep knowledge of biblical and other subjects.

Of Shmuel Ahituv it can be said that he is an editor’s editor. A great many scholars have reached out to him for help and advice in their publications. Having honed his skills in the epic Encyclopedia Biblica (Hebrew) and Bible for Israel commentary series, he is currently editing a number of important publications.

A welcome addition to his academic achievements and literary prowess is his kind and pleasant personality. Ever willing to jump into the breach when asked, Shmuel does so with great humanity, much humor and sharp wit as will be attested by all those who enjoyed his help, always graciously given.

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