Active Pilgrim Map of The Holy Land

This decorative Pilgrim Map can be accessed for virtual touring of the Holy Land! By moving your mouse over the highlighted yellow sites you can read and see the explanations and details about significant places for pilgrims. The history of each major biblical site in the Holy Land is given in a concise and clear way.

For a close-up view of the Carta Pilgrim Map of the Holy Land, click below and select the historical and/or biblical site of your choice – “from Dan to Beersheba” and beyond. The key to the Holyland Pilgrim Map indicates whether the site is from the period of the Old Testament, New Testament, Byzantine era or from Crusader times.

Learn more about Hebron where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are traditionally buried, or follow in the footsteps of Jesus in Galilee.


Interactive pilgrim map of the Holy Land