Gamala (Gamla)

Gamala (Gamla)

We currently are carrying a new publication: Josephus-Carta’s Illustrated-The Jewish War.

“….at the very beginning of the revolt from the Romans; yet did not Gamala accede to them, but relied upon the difficulty of the place, …. for it was situated upon a rough ridge of a high mountain, with a kind of neck in the middle: … On its acclivity, which is straight, houses are built, and those very thick and close to one another. The city also hangs so strangely, that it looks as if it would fall down upon itself, so sharp is it at the top. It is exposed to the south, and its southern mount, which reaches to an immense height, was in the nature of a citadel to the city; and above that was a precipice, not walled about, but extending itself to an immense depth. There was also a spring of water within the wall…”

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