Gadara (Hammath Gader)

Gadara (Hammath Gader; El Hamma) “And they arrived at the country of the  Gadarenes, which is opposite Galilee.” (Luke 8:26) Hot spring in the bed of the Yarmuk River on the southern Golan Heights, 10 km. southeast of Zemah on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. […]

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Galilee  (Joshua 20:7; John 7:2) Jesus spent about six months of his Ministry in the Galilee: “After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” (John 7:2) “And they appointed Kedesh in Galilee in mount […]

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Gamala (Gamla)

Gamala (Gamla) We currently are carrying a new publication: Josephus-Carta’s Illustrated-The Jewish War. “….at the very beginning of the revolt from the Romans; yet did not Gamala accede to them, but relied upon the difficulty of the place, …. for it was situated upon a rough ridge […]

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Gath “From Sihor, which is before  Egypt, even unto the borders of  Ekron northward, which is counted to the Canaanite: five lords of the Philistines; the Gazathites, and the Ashdothites, the Eshkalonites, the  Gittites, and the Ekronites; also the Avites:” (Joshua 13:3) www.metalpol.com/payday-loans-no-interest The ancient city of […]

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Gaza (Azza) (Josh. 15:47) Arab city on southern Coastal Plain in heart of Gaza Strip. The Hebrew Azza is from ancient Semitic word meaning might. The archaeological mound of the ancient city is located near the shore, within the boundaries of the modern city. Gaza is the […]

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Gezer (Joshua 10:33) Gezer was one of the cities taken by Joshua. “Then Horam king of Gezer came up to help Lachish; and Joshua struck him and his people, until he had left him none remaining.” (Joshua 10:33) The ancient city of Gezer dates from the Canaanite […]

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Gibeah of Saul

Gibeah of Saul (Giv’at Sha’ul) Hill 2.5 miles north of Jerusalem, off the road to Ramallah; 2756 feet above sea level. The Arabic name is Tell el Ful. Believed to be the site of Biblical Gibeah (also known in Bible as Gibeah of Benjamin, Geba of Benjamin […]

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Gibeon (Pool of Gibeon)

Gibeon (Pool of Gibeon) The site of the ancient Biblical city of Gibeon is on road from the Coastal Plain to Jerusalem through Beth-horon at the Arab village El Jib. In the Bible: Gibeon is first mentioned in story of Joshua and Hivites (Joshua 9). In the […]

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  Gimzo (II Chronicles 28:18) “The Philistines also had invaded the cities of the low country, and of the south of Judah, and had taken Beth-shemesh, and Aijalon, , and Soco with its villages, and Timnah with its villages, Gimzo also and its villages: and they dwelt […]

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