Naaran, Naarath


Naaran, Naarath

(I Chronicles. 7:28)

Ancient site in the Jordan Valley, 3 miles northwest of Jericho. Called Naaran in I Chronicles 7:28:

“And their possessions and habitations were, Beth-el and its  towns, and eastward Naaran, and westward Gezer, with its towns;  Shechem also and its towns, unto Ayyah and its towns”

Or Naarath as it is called in Joshua 16:7:

“And  it went down from Janohah to Ataroth, and to Naarath, and came to Jericho, and went out at Jordan.”

During the Second Temple Period  and after the destruction of the Temple it was a Jewish city and counterpart to nearby pagan Jericho. It was called …….

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