Naaran, Naarath

  Naaran, Naarath (I Chronicles. 7:28) Ancient site in the Jordan Valley, 3 miles northwest of Jericho. Called Naaran in I Chronicles 7:28: “And their possessions and habitations were, Beth-el and its  towns, and eastward Naaran, and westward Gezer, with its towns;  Shechem also and its towns, […]

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Nabi Musa

  Nabi Musa Holy Moslem site in the Judean Desert half a mile south of the Jerusalem-Jericho road,12.5 miles east of Jerusalem. Inside the Mosque is a tomb which Moslem tradition believes to be the tomb of Moses – hence its name Nabi Musa (the Prophet Moses). […]

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Nabi Samwil

  Nabi Samwil Supposed tomb of  the Prophet Samuel in an Arab village 4 miles northwest of Jerusalem. Located on a high mountain (2992 feet above sea level) off the ancient road from the Judean Foothills to Jerusalem. One  theory claims this is the site of  Mizpeh, […]

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Nain (Nein, Na’im) (Luke 7:11-16) Arab village in Jezreel Valley. Built on ruins of ancient settlement, it is possibly the city of Na’im from Second Temple Period. Mentioned in the Talmud and New Testament. Enterprise Development Applicants According to Christian tradition, it was here that Jesus performed […]

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Nazareth (En Nasira) (Matthew 2: 23, Luke 1:26-28) Arab city in Galilee with many churches and monasteries where Jesus grew to manhood (Jesus of Nazareth). History: Archaeological evidence indicates that the site was occupied in the Early Bronze Age. First mentioned as a Jewish city in the […]

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Negeb (Negev) (Numbers 13:29) Largest and southernmost region in the country (negev means south) . Its shape is that of an upside-down triangle with its base across the waist of the country and its apex in Eilat. The region has sparse precipitation and all its streams are […]

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