Nabi Musa


Nabi Musa

Holy Moslem site in the Judean Desert half a mile south of the Jerusalem-Jericho road,12.5 miles east of Jerusalem.

Inside the Mosque is a tomb which Moslem tradition believes to be the tomb of Moses – hence its name Nabi Musa (the Prophet Moses).

The  mosque was built in 1269 by the Mamluk Sultan Baybars. Its compound is surrounded by a wall with a single gate facing westwards. The minaret was built in 1500.

Until 1947, every spring,  Moslems celebrated the week-long Nabi Musa festival here, coinciding with the Jewish Passover as both commemorate the Exodus from Egypt. The festival opened with a procession of believers from the El Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Nearby is a cemetery for the Bedouin tribes of the region.
Also in the vicinity is the tomb of  Sitna Aisha, the prophet Mohammed’s beloved concubine.

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