Paneas (Banyas)

Paneas (Banyas) A source of the Jordan River running through lush woodlands and ending in a broad lagoon overlooked by the Mount Hermon snows, and flanked by rock-hewn caves and an ancient temple dedicated to goat-footed Pan. Now part of a nature reserve. History: Called Paneas in […]

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Perfume Route

Perfume Route (Derekh HaBesamim) Ancient route used by Nabateans for the perfume trade from the Arabian Peninsula. Road passed through Petra, crossed the Arabah and Negeb passing until the coast of Gaza. Along its course hostels were built; some of their remains can still be seen today. […]

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Pool of Siloam

Pool of Siloam (Shiloah) (Nehemiah 3:15; John 9:7-11) Ancient pool outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem, within the village of Silwan. One of the important water sources of ancient Jerusalem. Its water comes from the Gihon stream, mentioned in the Bible as one of the 4 […]

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