Paul H. Wright





Paul H. Wright, PhD, is the long-time director and now president of the renowned Jerusalem University College – Institute of Holy Land Studies. With his extensive education in Bible and ancient Near East, none are better suited to succeed the list of his distinguished predecessors at that school.

Paul is a man of many talents and master of all. His peers will attest to his qualities as a teacher and educator; his students will note his humanity and kindness. His hands-on teaching extends to guiding his classes on field studies throughout the lands of the Bible, an all-too-rare practice in these web-dominated days. On these trips another of Paul’s qualities comes to the fore: photography. The superb images he collects along the way could well be envied by professional photographers. In all cases they uniquely beautify his many books and add that extra touch of his love for all things biblical.

Ever ready to share, Paul’s sage advice on all subjects relating to the Holy Writ is much sought after and always given generously and with grace even, as sometime happens, under pressure.

Foremost among his many fine qualities, Paul is a natural writer. His deep and far-ranging knowledge of biblical subjects flows easily from his pen. He writes with an assurance that is rare and invaluable. Outstanding among his numerous contributions to the Carta list is his Understanding Great People of the Bible that grew into Greatness Grace and Glory and then separately was published in an American edition. And, the best is yet to come.

Last, but it could just as well have been first – since he is an ordained minister of the Baptist General Conference – Paul acts out his preaching first and foremost. His devotion to family can be gauged by his officiating at his children’s weddings and from the loving dedication of his books to family members.

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