Scientific Committee Members

Mordechai Cogan

      Mordechai Cogan,, PhD, is professor emeritus of Biblical History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has written widely on the political and cultural connections between ancient Israel and the empires of the ancient Near East. He is the author of many studies and books, […]

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Paul H. Wright

      Paul H. Wright, PhD, is the long-time director and now president of the renowned Jerusalem University College – Institute of Holy Land Studies. With his extensive education in Bible and ancient Near East, none are better suited to succeed the list of his distinguished […]

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Anson F. Rainey

IN MEMORIAM For many years Anson had served as Carta's Scientific Committee of One. His gracious advice and counseling were invaluable. May His Memory be a Blessing. Anson's scholarship, understanding and teaching of the all-important fields of biblical geography has yet to be surpassed. A worthy disciple […]

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R. Steven Notley

Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, R. Steven Notley is one of today's select and prominent New Testament scholars. He earned his PhD at the venerable Hebrew University of Jerusalem where, with renowned scholar David Flusser, he co-authored two titles on the life of Jesus. […]

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Dan Bahat

When you say Dan Bahat you say Jerusalem. His intensive and wide-ranging studies of Jerusalem from the earliest days up to, and including, the Ottoman Period are unrivaled. For all practical purposes The Carta Jerusalem Atlas, recently translated into Italian and published in the prestigious Biblia e […]

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Shmuel Ahituv

Shmuel Ahituv is a true Renaissance man. Versed in many fields and a man of many talents, Bible interpretation and commentary, Hebrew paleography and epigraphy, ancient Egypt and a host of other subjects, Shmuel moves from one subject to the other with intimate knowledge, grace and ease. […]

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Ada Yardeni

A jewel with many facets and a scholar of Hebrew paleography and epigraphy in her own right, Ada is also a superb graphic artist who specializes in script. Her unique talents and knowledge in this field are legendary and make her stand apart. Many are the scholars […]

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Ephraim Stern

Ephraim Stern is the doyen of Israel archaeologists. As such he was, for 11 years, the chairman of The Archaeological Committee of Israel. Other chairs that he is currently occupying or did so in the past are that of the board of directors of the Israel Exploration […]

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